Rules for Buy-it-now

Transaction specification:
The seller will set a fixed price when launching a sale, which means the domain will be sold as this price.
User to buy:
There should be enough money of purchasing the domain under the buyer's account to buy the name, when the buyer buys, whole amount of money will be deducted. Otherwise the buyer is not available to buy. Once there is a buyer paying,the transaction will be over automatically. If a third party takes part in the domain transaction, the system will freeze whole amount money under the buyer's account and will deduct the money after the domain has been transferred in.
Change of restrant's information:
domains on yiyu: once a buyer bids, the system will deduct money at once and transfer the domain to the buyer's account,both the seller and the buyer should abey this rule.
domains on a third party: once a buyer bids,the system will freeze the whole amount of money and inform the seller to transfer the domain,the seller can transfer the domain and makes confirmation within 10days(the seller can apply to extend the transfer if the buyer agrees. then the period will be prolonged.If the domain has not be transferred under the seller's account within regulated days, the seller defaults. The system will charge penalty from the seller and the buyer's money will be unfroze.