Rules of negotiable transaction

Specifications of negotiation:
A seller launches a negotiable deal, buyers can bid for it freely, the deal will be made if the seller accepts one of the offers; if the seller doesn't agree, buyers can bid again.
A buyer can bid 10 times for one domain, if the seller still don’t accept the offer till the 10th time, the order will be closed.
Both the seller and the buyer have one chance to change their quote and message before the other party's seeing.
Once one party agrees with the quote, the other party should make confirmation to make the deal.
Order time:
The seller has 7 days to response after the buyer's first bid. If the remaining time is less than 3-day, it will be prolonged 3 days more every time the seller responses.
The service fee for negotiation should be paid by the buyer, if the transaction fails, then it should be paid the the party who defaults.
Transfer fee for third-party's domains should be paid by the seller.