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Bid increment list

Bid Range Bid Increment
1-49 ¥1
50-499 ¥10
500-999 ¥50
1,000-4,999 ¥100
5,000-9,999 ¥200
10,000-29,999 ¥500
30,000-99,999 ¥1,000
100,000-299,999 ¥2,000
≥300,000 ¥5,000



(1)As for deleted CN domains and IDN domains, auction starts from 8:00 on the successfully drop catching day. On, bidding for deleted domains starts right after successfully drop catching of the domains.

(2)The earliest person books the bidding will be in a leading place when the auction begins. Money froze will be unfroze untill the person is knocked out. Others that book the bidding will be knocked out after the auction begins, their deposit will be unfroze.

(3)If your bidding is in a leading place, we will freeze 10% of your bidding offer for CN domains and 20% of your bidding offer for IDN domains. Freeze amount ranges from ¥50——¥5000. The deposit will be unfroze when you are knocked out.

(4)If you want to break in to bid a domain which you have not booked, the system will freeze deposit(break in fee), if your bidding offer is in a lead, the system will also freeze leading deposit. The break in fee will only be returned if you win the bid after the auction, if you lose the bid, the break in fee will not be returned.

(5)Proxy bidding. You can input a price that is higher than the present price, the system will set it to be proxy bidding automatically. If others' bidding offers are lower than yours, the system will bid for you automatically, so you will still in the lead.If the auction ends as a price lower than your proxy bidding price, then the trading price should be the present price instead of your proxy bidding price. If there are buyers offer higher price than your proxy bidding price, your proxy bidding price will be invalid, the system will not bid for you any more.

(6)The winner of the bidding should pay for the domain within 7 days. Otherwise the system will implement disposition of the winner's default, the system will deduct the booking deposit and break in fee(if there is break in behavior) as well. User who refuses over 3 times to pay for winning domains, or if the user's default amount is too large, the system will stop the user to bid domains or freeze the user's account untill the user pays full amount of money.

(7)Domains managed under our cooperative company's platform will be listed in the "domains won from bidding" once you win and pay for it. 60 days after registration, you can acquire transfer code or transfer it to yiyu. But you cant change the registrant's information, change WHOIS information, change DNS or renew the domain. Bidding domains on should be pushed through to the winner's account.