Auctioneer Price Bidding time Status

Domains that are coming to end

Domains Current Price Time Left

Description of bidding deposit

Bid Range Earnest Money
1-999 ¥50
1,000-4,999 ¥100
5,000-19,999 ¥500
20,000-49,999 ¥1,000
50,000-99,999 ¥2,000
10万-499999 ¥5,000
50万-999,999 ¥1万
≥100万 ¥2万


Bid increment list

Bid Range Bid Increment
1-49 ¥1
50-499 ¥10
500-999 ¥50
1,000-4,999 ¥100
5,000-9,999 ¥200
10,000-29,999 ¥500
30,000-99,999 ¥1,000
100,000-299,999 ¥2,000
≥300,000 ¥5,000


Auction rules

1. Auction time:
The auction's beginning time and ending time are subject to the system's remind.
2. Proxy bidding:
You can input an amount that is higher than "present price+increase range", the system will remember the amount. When there are other buyers bid, the system will bid for you with price one tier higher than others'. User who set proxy bidding will be in a lead, the system will bid for the user untill his/her proxy bidding is exceeded, or he/she wins the bid. If your proxy bidding price is higher than or equal with the reserved price, and no other user bids higher than the reserved price, the domain should be sold as the reserved price. If you need to change your proxy bidding price, please put in a new amount in the bidding box which is higher than the earlier one.
3. Auction extension:
During the last 5 minutes pending auction's ending, if there are new bids, the system will extend 5 minutes automatically. E.g:auction will end at 20:57:59, there is a user bidding during the last 5 minutes(say,20:57:59), the system will extend 5 minutes to end at 21:02:59, but if there are users bid continuously, the system will extend 5minutes of the auction again.
4. Auction ends:
After the auction, the winner should pay all amount of money in full within 48 hours, if overdue, the user defaults. The system will deduct the user's frozen money and wont return. We will help the winner to transfer the domain within 7 days after his/her payment. if either party defaults, please refer to《Statement of default》