Terms of service

“Customers” refers to users using service of www.yiyu.com (hereinafter referred to as www.yiyu.com), part of the EJEE Group Holdings Limited, in the following terms.

Online registration terms agreed by customers have the same legal effect of written terms signed and sealed by customers, which are legally binding customers.

When customers enter into www.yiyu.com, meaning that they have agreed with all of contents of registration terms. Customers will be formal users if they agree with all terms and finish registration procedures. The registration terms have legal effect from the date registered successfully between customers and www.yiyu.com.

Article 1 Overview of www.yiyu.com

www.yiyu.com provides domain registration management service to memberships and related introduction, please see www.yiyu.com.

Article 2 Identity guarantee of customers

2.1 Customers should promise and guarantee that they are natural person, legal person, entity or organization with full civil capacity and full civil rights. Customers hereby ensure to fill the users’ information is true, accurate, complete and timely and there are no misleading or false statements, so staff of www.yiyu.com can contact with you by filling information.

2.2 Customers should provide the corresponding information such as identity confirmation etc, otherwise www.yiyu.com has the right to refuse to provide related services.

2.3 Customers should update timely information of themselves so as to keep the validity of information.

2.4 If there are incorrect or untrue information provided by customers, www.yiyu.com has the right to reserve the cancellation of the memberships and end to supply service at any time.

Article 3 Email notification

Customers should keep in touch and communication with registered memberships by email in the condition of fully understanding www.yiyu.com. Customers should agree www.yiyu.com send to send including memberships information, www.yiyu.com goods and services related to commercial and non-commercial information by email.

Article 4 Memberships confirmation

4.1 Customers will get a user name and password after registered successfully and customers with user name and password can enjoy memberships service provided by www.yiyu.com.

4.2 Customers take full responsibility for security of user name and password as well as for all activities and events on their names. Besides, customers are entitled to change password in according to the procedures established by www.yiyu.com.

4.3 The use name and password are not allowed to transfer or authorize others to use without the written consent of www.yiyu.com, otherwise customers have to bear all the consequences.

4.4 Customers should immediately notice www.yiyu.com, if there are any illegal use of accounts or security threats.

Article 5 Amendments to service terms and service systems

www.yiyu.com has the right to modify service terms when it is necessary and if service terms change, there will be prompts in the important pages. Customers can proactively abolish acquired network service if they disagree with changed contents. What is thought that customers have received the changed service terms if they go on enjoying network service. www.yiyu.com has the right to modify its service system and price at any time and does not need to notify customers. Customers and www.yiyu.com should reach agreement about specific service and pay fees in accordance with the agreement before service and price system modified, and www.yiyu.com should perform service within the period of having paid fees.

Article 6 Rights and responsibilities of customers

6.1 Customers have rights to own their names and passwords of www.yiyu.com and logging in members area.

6.2 Customers have rights to enjoy internet technology and information services of www.yiyu.com and gain technical support, consulting and other services. Please see related products introduction of www.yiyu.com about service contents.

6.3 Customers should promise that they will do not damage and disrupt websites of www.yiyu.com and other customers websites using technical or other measures.

6.4 Customers should respect www.yiyu.com as well as intellectual property and legal rights of the third parties. Besides, they also should promise to try to protect www.yiyu.com shareholders, employees and partners causing losses or damages. If there are intellectual property infringement for customers, www.yiyu.com has rights to terminate service and no any refund fees.

6.5 Customers should bear responsibilities that they provide the wrong contact for www.yiyu.com or their email have problems in the process sending, including but not limited, consequences and losses caused by customers who do not timely receive related notification of www.yiyu.com.

6.6Customers should promise that they will comply with national and local laws, regulations, industrial practices, social public morality etc when they using services of of www.yiyu.com. They should not store, publish and disseminate the following information and contents: any content (information) in violation of state laws, regulations and policies; political publicity and / or news information in violation of state regulation; information involving state secrets and /or security; information involving superstition and / or obscenity, pornography, obscene or abetting crime; gaming with prizes, gaming games; information in violation of state ethnic and religious policies; information interfering with the safe operation of the internet; information infringing upon the others’ legal rights and /or information damaging for social order, social security, public moral. Customers should also promise that they will not provide any convenience for others about breach of state and /or the service terms information, including but not limited to, setup URL, BANNER links etc. Customers should admit that www.yiyu.com has rights to terminate services provided to customers and will not refund any payment when they violate above terms. Besides, customers should be compensated if the aforementioned acts result in loss.

Article 7 Rights and responsibilities of www.yiyu.com

7.1 www.yiyu.com should provide users with the qualified network technology and information services in according to selected services and paid money by users.

7.2 www.yiyu.com should promise to take confidential measures for users information, do not disclose or authorize users information to the third party. Unless:

7.2.1 They can provide information in according to the agreement terms or service terms, contract, online articles and other provisions between users and www.yiyu.com.

7.2.2 They can provide information in according to provisions of laws and regulations.

7.2.3 Administrative, judicial and other authorities ask www.yiyu.com to provide.

7.2.4 Users agree www.yiyu.com to provide information to the third party.

7.2.5 Which is www.yiyu.com solves report issues and institute proceedings.

7.2.6 Necessary and reasonable information must be submitted that www.yiyu.com should take acts in order to prevent serious offense or suspected criminal activity happens.

7.2.7 www.yiyu.com provides products, services, information from the third parties for customers and , including their technology.

7.3 www.yiyu.com has the right to use documents of customers.

7.4 www.yiyu.com has the right to review customers and determine if a customer can be a member of www.yiyu.com or there is a chance between them.

7.5 www.yiyu.com has the right to stop providing service and account for customers if they violate state and local laws and regulations or breach the terms of this online registration. In any case, www.yiyu.com does not take responsibility for any indirect, incidental, special and consequential damages.

7.6 Prepayments which customers have paid only can be bought related products and can not be moved or applied for a refund in cash.

Article 8 Termination of services

8.1 Customers have the right to apply for termination of their memberships at any time or apply for more services, but paid payments can not be refunded.

8.2 www.yiyu.com has the right to determine whether to cancel one service or more services for customers based on the actual situation, but www.yiyu.com should refund the remainder of paid payments.

8.3 Customers should observe many anti-spam resolutions that made by www.yiyu.com at any time after they have applied for being memberships and promise they will not involving spam acts using the network services, including but not limited to sending spam by server of www.yiyu.com. Spam sent by customers including server of www.yiyu.com or IP address related information; all websites of customers includes selling mailing lists, email address search software, bulk email software etc contents that support spam services; spam customers sending involving in registered domain information maybe seen as related contents or information between www.yiyu.com or customers of www.yiyu.com and spam by domestic and international anti-spam organization. Customers should understand that it will be a huge loss if there is the spam, so www.yiyu.com has the right to terminate any service for customers, cancel memberships and claim for damages when the network finds the spam happens no matte what kind of service customers have, for a fee or free of charge, and if the service is directly associated with acts of sending spam.

Article 9 Disputes settlement and applicable laws

9.1 Both parties should settle all disputes related to the service terms though friendly consultations. If negotiation fails, both parties should agree to arbitrate to the Beijing Arbitration Committee and accept its arbitration rules. Prescription for one of the parties to submit arbitration is six months from the day of disputes generated.

9.2 The validity, interpretation, execution and settlement of disputes of the registration terms shall apply to specifications of the People’s Republic of China laws, regulations, computer and internet industry.

Article 10 Force majeure

10.1 The party who subjects to force majeure or accident leading to the term impossibility, unnecessary or pointless performance will do not bear related responsibilities.

10.2 Force majeure or accident refers to some objective events that can not be predicted, overcame and avoided cause losses for a party or two parties, including but not limited natural disasters such as floods, earthquake, pestilence and storms etc, social events such as war, riots and government acts etc.

10.3 Customers should agree that www.yiyu.com do not bear any responsibilities for particularity of the internet of hacking, internet connectivity interruption or system failure etc force majeure.

Article 11 Supplementary provisions

11.1 If some provisions of the terms are seen invalid by registration authority, there are no effects on the validity of the other terms, the service terms interpretation, breach of contract and the convention of dispute resolution.

11.2 If one of parties change notification, mailing address or other contact information, notify promptly the other party about changed address and other contact information from the date of change, otherwise the party has to bear all responsibilities. Customers should agree that related notification of www.yiyu.com published in related website is seen delivered to customers.

11.3 Customers should agree that related rights and responsibilities of www.yiyu.com can be transferred to recipient owing to launching, being bought, merging with third parties or name changing of www.yiyu.com. Customers should promise that they have fully read and understood the above terms, so they voluntarily join in www.yiyu.com and accept constrains of all the above terms.